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Dr. Arthur Brown
Assistant Professor in Youth Ministry and Applied Theology
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BA (Hon), Applied Social and Community Studies, DeMontfort University (Leicester, UK)
MA, Youth Ministry and Theological Education, Kings College London

Doctor of Ministry, Theology, University of Chester

Areas of specialization: Youth Work, Youth Ministry, Community Development, and Young People

Prior to joining the ABTS faculty Arthur was responsible for the Spurgeon's College / Oasis Trust 'Youth Work and Ministry' BA course in London, UK. He is a regular contributor to Youthwork magazine, and has had articles published on subjects such as: responding to challenging behavior, supervision in youth ministry, mentoring, risk taking behavior, and failure in youth ministry to name a few. He is also the co-author of Enhancing Trusteeship Through Mentoring, and has researched and reported on the youth ministry of Baptist Churches in the London Baptist Association. In the UK he was also involved in planning and speaking at youth ministry conferences.


Books [written, edited and contributed to]:

  • Taking Risks: Young People and Risk-Taking Behaviour (Cambridge: Grove, 2009)
  • Developing Ministry Among Young People: A Practical Guide to Youth Ministry in the Middle East (Editor and contributor), published by ABTS’ Educational Ministries Resource Centre and World Vision Lebanon, 2010
  • Enhancing Trusteeship Through Mentoring withTesse Akpeki (London: The National Council for  Voluntary Organisations - sponsored by The Home Office, 2001).
  • An Introduction to Mentoring inExcluded, But Not Rejected’  The Evangelical Alliance/CARE Report on Christian Projects working with young people who have been excluded, or are ‘at risk’ of exclusion from mainstream education. (London: Evangelical Alliance, 1999).


Ministry Today

  • Ministry: A Risky Business? November 2010
  • Review of ‘The Ethics of Evangelism: A Philosophical Defense of Ethical Proselytizing and Persuasion’ by Elmer Thiessen. July 2012.

Journal of Youth and Theology

  • Review of Building The Interfaith Youth Movement’, 2005. 
  • Practitioner Spotlight: Volume 7, Number 2, November 2008.

Youthwork Magazine and Youthwork International

  • Supervision: Luxury or Necessity? November 2001
  • Learning Mentors – February 2002
  • Setting up a Mentoring Project – April 2002
  • Managing Behaviour – September 2002
  • Risky Behaviour – October 2005
  • Breaking the Cycle – December 2005
  • It’s Good to Talk – May 2006
  • Permission to Fail – April 2007
  • Unleashing Passion: Developing Critical Consciousness in Young People – February 2008
  • It’s Good to Talk - 2008
  • Risk Taking Behaviour - 2008
  • Responding to Violence - 2008