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Fouad Masri
Holistic Formation Faculty for MENA Islam
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Author and lecturer Fouad Masri was born and raised in the war zone of Beirut, Lebanon. As a third generation pastor, he has a passion for sharing the love of Christ with Muslims and has spent most of his life doing just that. After coming to the United States to attend seminary, Fouad realized the urgency for teaching American Christians to reach out to the growing population of internationals, particularly Muslims.

In 1993, he founded Crescent Project to nurture transformational relationships between Christians and Muslims and overcome misconceptions about Islam and Christianity. “Our job is not to make the Muslim a Christian,” Fouad often reminds his audience. “Our job is to show them the love of Christ.”

Fouad Masri is an ordained minister and has been ministering to Muslims since 1979. He has trained more than 18,000 Christian to sensitively and purposefully share their faith with Muslims through both the Bridges One-Day and Sahara Challenge training programs. He has served as a guest instructor at several universities and Christian ministries and has been featured in several media publications, including Christianity Today, Newsweek, Mission Network News, and on CBN, TBN, the Janet Parshall Show, and Prime Time America.

He is the producer and teacher in the DVD study, Bridges: Christians Connecting with Muslims. In Bridges, he further exposes Christians to the urgent need for understanding about Islam and Muslims. Fouad is author of Is the Injeel Corrupted? andAmbassadors to Muslims. Fouad holds a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication and an M.A. from Fuller Theological Seminary in Islamic Studies. Fouad lives in Indianapolis, Indiana, with his wife Lisa and their two children.