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Dr. Martin  Accad
Associate Professor of Islamic Studies

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Mr. Emad  Botros
Lecturer in Old Testament

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Dr. Arthur  Brown
Assistant Professor in Youth Ministry and Applied Theology

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Dr. Daniel  Chetti
Associate Professor of History & Theology

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Mr. Elie  Haddad
Lecturer in Leadership and Missional Ecclesiology

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Mr. Caleb  Hutcherson
Lecturer in Historical Theology

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Dr. Hikmat  Kashouh
Research Professor

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Dr. Ghassan  Khalaf
Professor of Biblical Studies

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Dr. Samuel  Kharrat
Associate Professor of Pastoral Theology

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Mr. Mike  Kuhn
Lecturer in Discipleship and Biblical Theology

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Mr. Bassem   Melki
Lecturer in Music & Worship

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Dr. Karen  Shaw
Assistant Professor of Cross-Cultural Ministry

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Dr. Perry  Shaw
Professor of Education

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Mr. Walid  Zailaa
Lecturer in Old Testament

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