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Institute of Middle East Studies (IMES)

A Research and Resource Institute of ABTS

Our MANDATE as the Institute of Middle East Studies (IMES) is to bring about positive transformation in thinking and practice between Christians and Muslims in the Middle East and beyond. 

Each year, we are more and more convinced that we have a very important role to play in educating the world on the realities of the Middle East, Islam, and Christian-Muslim relations. Our flagship event of the year, the Middle East Consultation (MEC) is already doing an amazing job to promote understanding of Islam and encouraging dialogue between Christians and Muslims.

The Institute of Middle East Studies is responding to the increasingly urgent need to dispel mutually-false perceptions between peoples of different religions and cultures, which eventually result in inadequate practice in social, religious, political, and personal spheres.

We seek to increase general awareness about Middle East realities and to resource Evangelicals to serve specific needs in the Arab World and among Arab communities worldwide. As such, IMES is geared towards community and religious workers active among Arab communities, leaders of Christian organizations, theology students, Christian instructors and researchers…the wider Christian community in the Middle East and beyond.

IMES seeks to fulfill its mission by offering first hand exposure to, and study and research opportunities in an Arab Middle-Eastern context. It promotes and initiates the development of contextually-appropriate resources that inspire transformed practice.

The following PROGRAMS constitute the principal activities of IMES, designed to fulfill its mandate:

Master of Religion in Middle Eastern and North African Studies (MRel)

  • Combining Classical and Anthropological Approaches
  • Islamic History, Theology and Civilization
  • History and Theology of Middle Eastern Christian Traditions
  • Focus on Interfaith and Interdenominational Relations
  • Middle Eastern Languages, Literature and Culture
  • Current Middle Eastern Sociopolitical Realities
  • Concern for Contextual Appropriateness and Relevance

Middle East Consultation (MEC)

  • World Reputed Evangelical Specialist Lecturers
  • Islam, Middle Eastern Christianity & Dialogical Focus
  • Special Scholarly & Clerical Muslim Guests
  • Geared towards Students, Religious Workers & Wider Public
  • Bringing Together East, West and beyond

Middle East Immersion (MEI)

  • Each Summer, IMES organizes an internship program, 3-9 weeks in duration, in partnership with a variety of local and international organizations.
  • MEI Lebanon typically comprises several stages: 

(1) Arabic language and culture study 
(2) Practical interaction with people of the Middle East and regular debriefing sessions 
(3) The annual Middle East Consultation (MEC).

  • This program is ideally suited for college, seminary or other study groups from across the world.

Academy of Languages and Practical Skills (ALPS)

  • Converse in the Levantine Arabic Dialect within 1 Year
  • Courses in Modern Standard Arabic
  • Highly Experienced Native Teachers
  • From beginner to advanced

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