Middle East Immersion
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MEI Lebanon Overview

IMES’s Middle East Immersion (MEI Lebanon) program provides graduate seminarians and intercultural studies students the opportunity to earn academic credit in fulfillment of intercultural practicum or practical ministry requirements while being exposed to Muslim-Christian relations in the context of Lebanon.

The MEI Lebanon program consists of the following core components:

  • Participation in IMES’s annual Middle East Consultation (MEC),
  • Levantine Arabic language and culture study through IMES’s Academy of Languages and Practical Skills (ALPS),
  • An intercultural practicum placement meeting the specific interests and skills of the individual student. (For example: interacting with urban Sunni Beirutis, at-risk youth, or refugee populations),
  • Field visits, weekend excursions, church and mosque visits, and a variety of extra activities throughout Beirut and Lebanon.

MEI Lebanon allows students to practice intercultural work in a dynamic context and engage in mutual learning between Christian and Muslim communities.

MEI Distinctives

  • Earn academic credit and fulfill intercultural practicum requirements
  • Interact with multiple faith traditions
  • Intern with local relief agencies, shelters, schools or other NGO’s
  • Study the spoken Levantine dialect of Arabic
  • Explore the history and culture of Lebanon through weekly field excursions
  • Learn from regional voices, experienced practitioners and global experts

For additional information about IMES’s Middle East Immersion program, please follow the appropriate links or contact: IMES@abtslebanon.org.