Admissions and Application Forms

All applications forms are below. For more information, please contact Ms. Rana Wazir

Kindly note that the following elements are pre-requisites for acceptance at the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary:

  • Spiritual: Proclamation of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, evidenced too in the person's life;
  • Church: A reputable member in a local Evangelical church, with a clear calling for Christian ministry and an attestation to this effect from the pastor or a local leader;
  • Affiliation: Loyal to the Evangelical Statement of Faith as well as that of ABTS throughout the duration of their stay at ABTS;
  • Academic: Fulfillment of the various pre-requisites required for the intended study program;
  • Legal: Having all proper legal documents (ID; visa, Legal Record, Military Service, etc...)
  • Language: Proficiency in modern classical Arabic language.
  • Financial: Free of financial debt and with a clear demonstration of how the person intends to cover their fees - tuition as well as accommodation (for resident students).
  • Clear Calling: Able to demonstrate through the submitted application form as well as the various interviews with the academic team a clear calling to Christian ministry and a certain minimum level of experience in the ministry field.
  • Behavioral: Able to demonstrate through the submitted application and the various interviews with the members of ABTS Academic team a certain level of psychological and emotional maturity that is reflected in a balanced personality and humble inter-personal relations.
  • Health: Report of physical/emotional health by a certified physician.
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