Intentionality in Theological Education
Dr. Perry Shaw @ Lanka Bible College
Dr. Perry Shaw @ Lanka Bible College

Faculty Training through the ABTS Resource Centre

The training of leadership for the Church of Jesus Christ is one of the most significant of all Christian educational activities. Unfortunately few instructors at theological seminaries have had the opportunity to be trained in education. Consequently there is a widespread tendency: (1) for theological schools to adopt traditional models rather than seeking a strategic and intentional approach to curriculum development, and (2) for instructors to revert to often ineffectual traditional modes of instruction.

In response to this situation, the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary (ABTS) in Beirut, Lebanon, as one of the ministries of its Educational Ministries Resource Centre, has developed faculty training conferences that encourage and facilitate intentionality in theological education. These are usually of a minimum of three days. Priority is given to the Middle East Association for Theological Education (MEATE) and other Middle Eastern schools, but schools in other parts of the world will be trained as requested and appropriate.


Following is a sample of a possible five day faculty training conference:

Day One: 4 Sessions

·      Foundational Lecture: “Training to Failure, Training to Success: The Hidden Curriculum of Seminary Education.”

·      Foundational Lecture: “Recreating our Seminary to a Multidimensional Fulfilment of our Purpose.”

·      Two Workshops: “Vision and Mission: An Educational Reality or Mere Ink on Paper”

Day Tw 4 Sessions

·      Two Workshops: “The Intentional Design of the Explicit and Hidden Curricula.”

·      Two Workshops: “Creating Courses for Multidimensional Learning.”

Day Three: 4 Sessions

·      Workshop: “How Adults Learn”

·      Workshop: “Multidimensional Questions: Cognitive Dimension.”

·      Workshop: “Multidimensional Questions: Affective and Behavioural Dimensions.”

·      Workshop: “Multidimensional Questions: Application.”

Day Four

·      Two Workshops: “Lesson Planning”

·      Two Workshops: “Case Studies and Other Creative Teaching Methods.”

Day Five

Private consultation with faculty members towards excellence in teaching and learning.


A Detailed Description of this Sample Faculty Retreat is available at:

Chief Facilitator: Dr. Perry Shaw, the Founder and Developer of ABTS’ Educational Ministries Resource Center holds a M.Ed. from the University of New South Wales (Sydney); a Th.M. (in New Testament studies) from Princeton Theological Seminary, and an Ed.D. from Pacific International University. 

Contact Information:  For more information about faculty training please contact Dr. Perry Shaw, Chairperson, Department of Ministerial Studies, Arab Baptist Theological Seminary.