View Student's Retreat 2013
Student's Retreat 2013

Student’s Retreat 2013: Ensuring the holistic wellbeing of our students The ABTS annual student retreat was held on November 8 and 9. It explored the importance of self-leadership for Christians. It was also an opportunity for 2nd and 3rd year students to share their experiences with the 1st year students, prepare for the year’s compassionate care ministry, and enjoy fellowship and unity along with our staff. Abram, 1st year: “It was a great time. I really felt that we are a big family. “ Hanan, 3rd year: “It was a great opportunity to get to know the 1st year students better. Small group discussions were realistic and really benefited me.”

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View Christmas Event - December 23, 2010
Christmas Event - December 23, 2010

Christmas celebrations at ABTS... Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

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View Students Retreat - November 2010
Students Retreat - November 2010

Now that our first year students are also on board, what better way to start building a sense of community than with a two-day students' retreat off ABTS campus!! ABTS' student body accompanied by members of ABTS staff and faculty went to the beautiful town of Faraya in mount Lebanon – approximately 1600m above sea level - for a time of fellowship, spiritual formation and fun together. Bassem Melki, ABTS' Dean of students led two sessions on "Fear" and "Leadership", while a Red Cross veteran led a session on First Aid sharing the basic principles. The retreat allowed the participants quality time together to get acquainted with one another - individuals and families - and start forming a community of support to one another particularly as most of them have left behind family and friends and are now in a totally new context, with new people... Considerable challenges to deal with alongside an extensive study program.

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View Fundraising car wash event - November 4, 2010
Fundraising car wash event - November 4, 2010

ABTS students assembled together to participate in an on-campus Car Wash Fundraiser Event. With much energy and a spirit of contagious excitement and joy, ABTS students washed more than 20 cars in around 2.5 Hours. Praise God, the funds raised provided the needed financial boost to enable holding the Students' Retreat in a place where they can have a time off - away from classrooms and library - and get to know each other and enjoy the beauty of the Lord's creation visible in the town of Faraya. A special thanks goes for all who participated in this event by bringing their own cars forward to be washed. Specifically, we are grateful for the staff of ABTS, the Lebanese Baptist Society (LSESD), and of SAT7. Your generous contributions are much appreciated.

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